A morning tea is a great way to meet other parents who have a child with a cleft.  Morning teas are either hosted by a committee member or contact parent or held at a park or children’s activity centre like The Beach House in Osborne Park.  It gives you the opportunity to speak to others who are going through the same things as you are, or perhaps have already been through it and can offer advice.  Please don’t feel shy or embarrassed, you will always be welcome and they are worth attending.   Even if you have to drive a fair distance, you will be glad you did! 

The support and friendships that develop from these events have been found to be truly beneficial by many of our parents.  When they are hosted by a parent we ask you to RSVP to the host so they know how many people to cater for.  You are more than welcome to bring your children, your partner, your parents, another member of your family or a friend as we appreciate meeting a room full of strangers can be a bit daunting.  The park morning teas generally fall on the weekend or during school holidays and are great for when you have active children that need entertaining.  They are popular with our working parents as they don’t require taking time off work and the whole family can come.


Wednesday 15th February

Thea's house in Como - text 0407 746 473 for the address

Please bring a plate of nibbles

If you would like to attend, please RSVP to us via email "morningteas@cleftpalswa.org.au" and we will reply with a confirmation email.

Most monthly morning teas are on the 15th of the month and start at 10.00am. 

Please refer to the events section for more information on upcoming morning teas and contact the host for the exact address when you RSVP.

We are always looking for new places to have mornig teas?  Any suggestions, would be appreciated.  Would you like to hold a morning tea at your house?  Please let us know!!! 



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